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RAN Centre of Excellence

Commissioned by DG HOME (European Commission), we set up, support and manage the RAN, which is an EU-wide umbrella network of practitioners and others involved in countering radicalisation leading to violent extremism.

Nine working groups have attracted close to 2000 practitioners and other experts. At RAN working group gatherings the exchange of experiences, knowledge and promising practices flourishes, producing deliverables that contribute to the countering of violent extremism. Best practices are peer reviewed. The RAN CoE acts as a hub in connecting, developing and disseminating expertise. This includes fostering a dialogue between practitioners, policy makers and academics in an inclusive way. By doing so, the CoE develops state-of-the-art knowledge, and supports both the Commission and Member States. Also, it helps shape the Commission’s research agenda, and liaises with prevent initiatives inside and outside the EU. RadarEurope leads the consortium which runs the RAN CoE. For more information, visit the website.