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Involve parents in prevention

News - 10 December 2015

In the search for ways to prevent young people from radicalising, parents play an increasing role as well. And rightly so. Parents can very much influence their children during their day-to-day contact with them, and in doing so prevent to create a we/they feeling. Parents can use their own experiences with any form of discrimination and aggression and learn their children how to change those negative experiences into positive energy.

Racial socialization

In the Afro-American community this approach is called ‘racial socialization’. Surveys show good results when parents introduce their children in a positive way to the meaning of origin and identity.

Make discussable

The feeling of discrimination must be discussable for children and their parents. Even when alleged, it influences the way young people look at society and their actions. Parents can help their children to find their way and avoid them radicalising. Parents need support in this process.