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BOUNCE: preventing violent radicalisation in an early stage

BOUNCE is a package of three training and awareness-raising tools for youngsters and their social environment. It is a positive answer to the challenge of preventing violent radicalisation in an early stage.

bounce_triangleThe BOUNCE tools are designed as preventive measures when, or even better before concerns about violent radicalisation arise. They provide youngsters and their environment instruments to manage the challenges they come across. The three tools (BOUNCE young, BOUNCE along and BOUNCE up) are interconnected and complement each other. BOUNCE emancipates youngsters and their network, to become resilient and to interact with an aware environment.

Implementation: broad-scale on a local level

In 2017 and 2018 Radar and it’s Belgium partner Arktos, implemented Bounce on a broad-scale on a local level with a trainer implementation and support system to train first line practitioners working with youngsters. The implementation was funded by the EU and coordinated by the Belgium FPS Home Affairs. 10 cities from 5 EU Member States were selected to serve as pilot cities to implement the BOUNCE resilience tools and to evaluate their impact.

  • Bounce_logoBelgium: Liège & Leuven
  • Germany: Augsburg & Düsseldorf
  • France: Bordeaux & Montreuil
  • The Netherlands: Amsterdam & Groningen
  • Sweden: Malmö & Landskrona

The BOUNCE training formats are based on scientific research elaborating on different ways to enhance the resilience of youngsters against violent radicalisation. You can freely download the Bounce programme and the research reports on the Bounce website.

Radar can also introduce BOUNCE in your municipality. First-line professionals learn how to give BOUNCE young training to youngsters in a three-day training session. In a follow-up trajectory, Radar will coach the trained professionals in giving the training to youngsters and to other first-line professionals.

Please contact Maarten van de Donk for any further information.